Take. Your. Time.

In the world of sport [and business] it’s simply impossible to control everything you want to control.

Results. Customers. Performance. Experiences.


You can exert control over your brand identity. You can make it work hard for you. You can make it interesting. You can make it unique. You can make it a selling point for your sport, your club, your event, or your business.

Look good, sound interesting. Or vice-versa. Your call.

Having developed brand identities for many sports organisations and businesses, we have three simple golden rules we suggest you think about when planning to develop your brand. 

1. Take your time.
2. Involve the right people.
3. Think long-term.

1. Take. Your. Time.

A brand development process is a precious opportunity to think about the big picture of your business, your market and your customer. A step back from the day-to-day that allows you think about where your business or your sport is going and how you can affect it.

Take your time. Consider all the opportunities. Spread the cost. Get the most value you can from the process.

2. Involve the right people.

Colleagues, staff, board members, the people who run your social media, the people who run your events.

A new brand is not something you should surprise your people with. Not a big ‘ta-da’ moment.

There is massive value in the brand development process. Spread that value amongst the people who will be tasked with delivering your brand experience in the coming years. 

Let them contribute, let them feel part of the process. Let them get excited about the opportunities it presents.

  • The product opportunities
  • The content opportunities
  • The event opportunities
  • The social media opportunities
  • The sponsorship opportunities

3. Think long-term.

Don’t just plan to unveil a new logo, plan how your business is going to look, feel and sound for the next five years.

  • Develop a strong point of view on your purpose.
  • Understand the role you play in the lives of your fans, participants and customers.
  • Figure out how you can add value to how people experience your club, event or product.

Do not miss the opportunity that a great brand offers your business.

Take the time to do it right. Get the right people involved. And think long-term.

Talk to patrick@brandingsport.com about getting started. When you’re ready.

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